There is a wonderful story that Bucky Fuller tells about a child on a beach. The child has a stick and draws a triangle in the sand.

“Look Bucky, I have drawn a triangle!” says the child with great excitement.
“Wonderful,” says Bucky, “But you have not drawn one triangle you have drawn four.”
“How did I draw four?” asks the child, perplexed.
“You drew the triangle you see, the triangle that covers the rest of the earth, and the triangle on the concave and convex.”
“But Bucky, I only wanted to draw one triangle.”
“I know, but you have drawn four and you need to be responsible for all four.”
(If you want a deeper understanding of this, please email me.)

In the last 40 or so years the world has shifted from a world of parts, to a world of whole. Whole foods, whole earth, global, Gaia. We no longer have the luxury of living in isolation, separate from strangers in other countries. Our news is instant, our ability to travel the world is quick and accessible, our actions and thoughts affect everyone.

We cannot look at our body as a liver and heart and knee cap, we must look at the whole, and not just the whole body, but our body in relationship to the environment at the physical, emotional, mental levels. Seeing a ‘specialist’ for a certain medical condition keeps us stuck in the world of parts. It is a very dysfunctional model of health. (Mind you I do want a specialist neurosurgeon to operate on my brain if I need brain surgery, yet even better if the neurosurgeon was working with a team that considered the whole of me.)

Our current world is attuned to being ‘specialists’. Models of success ask us to find our niche. “If you don’t have your niche you will not make your millions.” This may be true in our current world, but it is also a formula that invites tunnel vision.

It is not what is needed to move forward for the success of all of humanity, if that remotely interests you, because in order to operate in the world of the whole, we need to be able to see and be responsible for the whole. We need people who are  specialists at being generalists, at seeing/feeling/intuiting the whole first and foremost. (I have resisted the niche model all of my life, at my own cost, not because I am a hero, or noble, but because it simply went against the very fibre of my being, which is to be a generalist.)

The archetype of the whole is now present on earth and demands from us a different approach. For positive deviants and thought leaders who are really invested in being the harbingers of transformational change that does support the whole of humanity, the archetypal energy of the whole demands a higher level experience and capacity.

We need to be whole. The requirement to pull all the broken scattered parts of ourselves together is non negotiable.

Doing a deep dive on our shadow on an ongoing basis is non negotiable. And if you work in groups and teams, then it is also non negotiable to have the whole team be resonant and vibrating on a very high frequency, as a WHOLE.

The frequency of the whole also requires a different set of physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and Universal laws. ‘All is one’ becomes an embodied law.

Our relationship to time and space at the level of whole changes. When we are, as individuals or as the team, vibrating in collective whole resonance, time and space disappear into insignificance. This is the world of the synchronistic, miraculous, aligned response, where feedback is instant.

In this world setting goals no longer works effectively, because our relationship with time has been warped. The only goal, if we call it that, is to stay in the dynamic of whole. To have our inner and outer expression be in full integrity. To have our relationship to our team/tribe be in full integrity. To have our relationship to our systems and structures be in full integrity.

If you seriously choose this path then by the very nature of the choice, more will be asked of you than has ever been before. You must commit to the daily to the practise of wholeness.

If you are not up for this level of personal and global commitment, then do something easy, like learning to blow up the world.

As I started with Bucky, I will conclude with Bucky.

“Integrity is the essence. Commit yourself to integrity. That is all.”

(Integrity Latin:  untouched, hence, undivided, whole, equivalent to in- in-3  + -teg-  (combining form of tag-,  base of tangere  to touch) + -er  adj. suffix)

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