A wonderful teacher advised me…embrace the mystery.

This life of ours is a mystery. We try to order it…to have it be shaped in our image. Wisdom teaches us that this is a fools errand.

It was never ours to shape. Rather the path is one of aligning…deep atunement to the essential who of us…the threads of our life…and what is wanting to emerge from our deepest desires.

This is not easy…we have arrived now entangled in the mythologies of what is and isn’t possible or real, most of which we simply do not see…and so the path includes releasing…diving deeper…clarifying…red pen editing…the integrity of what is wanting to emerge cannot without release…and profound letting go…

The essential YES that is emerging is a pulse without argument. It requires vigilant and loved attention for any diffraction or distraction.

Let the clarity of the sun be our guide. Once again…there..