Emotional Pain

It can be vast. For too long, we have ignored it or not given it the same rights as intractable physical pain.

Those in emotional pain often find it easier to cause pain to others than to feel their own pain fully.

Anything that is not love is a cry for help…(A Course in Miracles)…worth remembering when someone you love or anyone…strikes out at you, targeting the soft unreconciled places.

Behind the strike…what are they really trying to say?

Perhaps… I am broken and terrified..the ocean of my pain is so big, so overwhelming, I cannot begin to unravel it in case I drown in the process…

If we strike back in response to the first strike, easy to do, then the pain builds upon the pain.

For it to stop, for us to heal, one person, one side, needs to pause, step into compassion, hold the space for the full colours of humanity’s collective suffering, and know that this, too, will change with time.

Is this easy to do? No…it is hard…harder than hard. It requires relinquishing our need for righteousness.

But worth it…

We might begin with stepping back and holding a compassionate place for our own pain.

January 12th 2020

Photo taken January 12th 2020. And yes…after months, we finally have rain.