With a White Bellied Sea Eagle.

This beautiful creature allowed me to get close. 

And made me wonder how such an encounter with our Native wildlife stops us in our tracks and has us pause in awe.

In our home of almost a year, we have encountered Spangled Drongos, Noisy Friarbirds, Wonga Pigeons, Rose Crested Galahs, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Kookaburra s that eat out of our hands, Corellas, Eastern Rosellas, King Parrots, Lorikeets, a few very nasty snakes – Eastern Brown and Red Bellied Black – the occasional kangaroo, possums who feast on the avocados, and bats who feats on the persimmons. 

Wild Life. Perhaps in our conformity-based culture, our Native wildlife evokes in us a Wild Life missing.

Photo Taken November 4th  2023