Ephemeralisation is a term coined by R.Buckminster Fuller.

“The invisible chemical, metallurgical and electronic production of ever-more-efficient and satisfyingly effective performance with the investment of ever-less weight and volume of materials per unit function formed or performed accomplished with ever-less increments of time (acceleration)” (Critical Path)

Ultimately doing everything with nothing at all, which is the trend of the omni-weighable physical to be mastered by the omniweigtless metaphysics of intellect.

Bucky said that the principle of ephemeralisation is a generalised principle, true in all cases. 

In other words, if, in what you are creating, is not moving towards ephemeralisation, you are going against the laws underpinning nature and Universe. 

In our current business models we clearly have a focus on efficiency. But too much efficiency creates brittleness. Efficiency requires a harmonic with diversity to ensure evolution and a higher order of wellbeing. (Syntropy)

Ephemeralisation is not correlated simply with efficiency. It is the use of the physical universe, matter and stuff, in ways that cost/consume/deploy less units of energy, emotion, atoms. Humans as matter and stuff, demonstrate ephemeralisation when they deploy their minds (invisible/weightless thinking/feeling/intuiting).

The shift from factor workers to machines is a shift towards ephemeralisation. The invisible world of bits, the digital, is ephemersalisation. A washing machine is epmemeralisation. The amount of energy it wastes (about 80% of the energy that arrives to the machine as current) is anti-ephemeralisation.

Bucky said, “It seemed that the time would come evolutionarily when humans might have acquired enough knowledge of the generalised principles to permit a graduation from class-two (entropically selfish) evolution into class-one (syntropically co-operative) evolution, thereafter making all the right moves for all the right reasons.

When we no longer see humans as jobs, when we have shifted towards everything with nothing, what is the purpose of humans in Universe? 

Perhaps to use our gorgeous creative minds, working synergistically, for a world that works for Earth and all her creatures. 

This is the work of a Syntropic Enterprise and towards this we at Syntropic World are committed.

Photo taken January 30th 2021