Sometimes the dawn sky tells an epic story, one of angry Gods, blood spilled on thick dark clouds, whispers of light desperate to seep through.  And yet a calm ocean…as if all in the heavens are seething while we go about our lives in untethered and often painful ignorance.

If I were the Gods I might well be seething with frustration at the Humans…our careless ways. How we think nothing of taking from Earth, of throwing away…but where to throw to…as ‘away’ is occupied by others… ? of treating each other as objects to be bartered and sold on the flesh markets called work.

And this morning I heard another ever-so-normal story…of the return to work, the pain of that, the yearning to not return to work…our lives so crazy a representation of people doing work that sucks their soul, to keep themselves living a life as defined by our society…

This…we call this innovation, human evolution? To spend the bulk of our days doing work that dims the light from us each day?

And what of our true value? What if we each had the chance to do what was spontaneously arousable from within that did not harm anothers right to liberty?

What if this was the ground upon which humanity was invited to exist?

Sure, a small few would abuse this privilege, but most, after days of idle, would find they needed to do something of value, some form of expression.

In truth this option is already available to most….if but for the artificial constraints of society, education, and world view.

The dawn today was one of heavenly anger. Perhaps it is time more people voiced their anger at being reduced from the fullest expression of their Humanity to a casual and disposable object with a productive life cycle of around 30 years.

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