Murray Galbraith

Best described as a creative polymath, Murray Galbraith is the mind behind some of the most progressive and influential projects in Australia.
With an award winning career spanning multiple industries, including design, media, advertising and events, Murray is unlike almost every entrepreneur you’ve ever come across before.
A proud father and mental health advocate, his online projects include Australia’s first ever successfully funded Kickstarter campaign called ‘Pretty Rad for a Dad’ and Dads.Co, a global community of digital dads.
But it’s his offline work, in large scale, emerging technology events where he has truly made his mark. With a deep sense of curiosity and a unique ability to connect cultural, political and technological dots, Murray has helped design and deliver events like Pause Fest in Melbourne and Myriad in Queensland.

Show Notes

Distinct lack of role models for men

I don’t even know the questions to be asking, yet alone who to ask

How does the role of being a provider weigh on you?

The huge collision points, including becoming a parent.

I have always been a super emotional, talkative kind of guy

The sudden realisation that he might have nothing to pass on to his children

The letter from the 100 French women

Tools deployed in times of uncertainty

How getting into the outdoors has helped

When your habits rule you

Fishing as meditation

Ten times faster, ten times cheaper, ten times safer

Powerful process for creating a new habit (One of Christine’s tools)

20-30% of jobs disappearing and what that means

What does success mean to him

Entirely overwhelmed by the volume of opinions and informational

The best tool we have is the ability to ask questions

The ethical side of technology



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