Erotic Life 

Inviting Eros, love, into life. 

Not the love of Hollywood romance. Or the raunch of Playboy. Both such overused, tired facsimiles of an entire body being infused with dancing cells for the gorgeous majesty of life.

Love of, love with, love as.

Seizing life and sucking the juices from what is present.  Dropping to your knees in awe of the sunrise, the moon set, the crisp cold of a winter morning.

The taste of hot coffee, perfect made. Food that has been crafted with exquisite care – love as alchemy transforming experience of eating to vibrant energy.

Laughter that cannot stay trapped. 

Smiles that light a room.

A dog playing hide and seek with the blanket. 

A bird call shattering the silence of dawn, singing forth the day.

Eros wants to claim us.

Drop the false gods of love, the empty cravings of the hungry ghosts, and let Eros feast at the table of our Soul.

July 15th 2019

Photo taken July 15th, 2019