Ethical Business

Are there better ways to run ethical businesses? 

A business where the purpose of the business is far greater than any one person and attracts extraordinary people who want to and will go the extra mile for the purpose…where they know they are not working for the edification and wealth of the founders/executive. Instead of something they deeply care about. 

Businesses where the people who show up every day towards this purpose are treated with dignity and respect, seen and acknowledged as people of worth, value and capacity beyond even their own awareness.

Businesses where the commitment is to integrity in all domains. No shortcuts, no greenwashing, no check box sustainability. 

Leaders who are real, who say it as it is, who invite collaboration and synergy as a way of being, who hold their people as their greatest asset, who create the enterprise architecture that enables a light touch, self-management, and ongoing development by design.

Where value is held in multiple domains, and no one is ever reduced to a commodity.

Where innovation is seen for what it is…either incremental or transformational…and that the enterprise design enables transformational change to be a regular conversation about leading the future, about never becoming redundant…with the full knowledge that transformative innovation and change is the only sure way to endure long term.

Where a conversation about the 100-year plan, the 200-year plan…is alive and animated as a practice. What is good for the future of Earth and all her creatures is good for business. 

Where the laws of how Universe works are seen as true, and as such are applied to enterprise design. Precession, synergy, gravity, unity is plural…

Do we hold a place for this type of business? Is it also a place where profit and love can be woven together to produce the core needs of the business, financial flow, abundance and flourishing? Not for one, or the few, but for the entire ecology of the business?

Is this a humanity we seek to innovate towards? 

If so, please consider joining us at the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass


Photo taken November 7th, 2019