Even when the time is dark

I wonder if I chose to see the Universe as the epitome of the Great Mother Archetype, instead of the Patriarchal Tyrant seeking sacrifice…I wonder if changing this worldview might change how I experience life.

A Great Mother holds space for her children to become the fullest expressions of their latent potential. This might include setting the stage for a sequence of disappointments, some trials and tribulations. But ultimately, the Mother wants her children to flourish. She holds them always with love.

The Patriarchal Tyrant thrives on suffering, power over, domination, cruelty. This archetype is present in many of the monotheistic religions, often as the appropriated expression dictated by the religion, and not authentic to the expression of the individual upon which the religion was built.

Imagine if I chose to believe that I am held, as are you, in such exquisite love and tenderness. That even when the time is dark,  love is holding us.

The rational argument lives in a scientific reality and would likely dismiss a choice like this as magical thinking.

If we consider the purpose of life…which might be to support all human thriving and happiness…then maybe magical thinking is a far better rational choice than the hard edges of science that squeezes out all magic?

These things are on my mind this morning as a light welcome rain falls…

December 5th 2018

Photo taken December 5th 2016


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