Exactly what is disposable?

Perhaps instead we ask, “exactly what might we throw away” and “exactly where we might throw it away” which is regenerative to instead of harming.

Buckminster Fuller said that pollution was stuff out of place. Stuff out of integrity. Not wrong. Not bad. Just not where it should be, doing what it should be doing.

Our extraordinary ability to use our mind, to be creative, inventive…is being wasted on creating things that do not advance life for all.

If we put our minds towards regenerative everythings…if we acknowledge that every day on earth we are gifted with close to 800% more energy than any human could use…that is is not lack of energy, or lack of money…but lack of will and imagination that holds us back.

We can do this…we can create a world that works for all. Using the gifts we have been given, for the right reasons.

Next time you buy some disposable items, like plates and cutlery, rename them as they are. Are they really disposable? If not call them true. Cultivate self honestly as the seeding of a field of human thriving.

June 19th 2019

Photo taken June 19th, 2019