Exceeding expectations

Can’t be done unless you actually know what is expected in the first place.

Meeting an expectation only creates a neutral response. To create long-term, loyal customers you must exceed expectations. This means going above and beyond what was expected in the first place.

Too often in business, we try to add a gimmick to get customer loyalty, yet we have failed to keep the simple promise of the business.

Step number one is always to keep the promise we made. This at least gives us a chance to meet expectations. 

Then, we might find a way to exceed expectations.

What are the promises you are making? The overt and covert promises? 

How do you set yourself as different to others? And then ensure that the difference is kept as a promise?

Once these basics are covered, we might then consider how we exceed expectations. 

To consider it possible to exceed expectations without the basics in place is a wish that will never stand.

August 15th 2019

Photo taken August 15th 2019