The path to excellence is a commitment. The want to be better, greater and wiser is a call that may arise from so many places of conflict. Often to prove to others, to be loved and accepted, to be seen. Sometimes, it is because we love the journey, the unfolding adventure of continuous learning. It can be self-generated, The quest to be our best for our satisfaction, or because we know we have this extra something in us.

There is no end, no arrival. No place we can stand and say I am the master. Mastery is a living path. 

There is, however, a place where we can stand with confidence in our skills. Not stationary, for stationary is decline, decay and entropy. And not with arrogance, for arrogance makes us lazy, and in our arrogance, the slippage from excellence is seeded. 

Excellence is to love learning, to invite feedback, even of the harshest kind, to appreciate the failures, to get up and go again. 

Excellence is heeding the call of our whole self arising. The task that we excel at is irrelevant.

Photo Taken August 13th 2023