Expanding the field

As a steward we learn to hold the space for that which we have taken responsibility to steward.

Whether that is an enterprise, people, an idea, land, a family or a garden.

The more complex the elements of what we are stewarding, the higher the demand on our capacity, capability, ingenuity, and resilience.

There are times when what we are stewarding feels squeezed tight. Loss of optionality, back against the wall. The scent of hopelessness evident.

It is at this time that we might expand the field that we are holding.

Rather than feel the contraction, allow it to open and expand. Let what is not yet known as a solution be given space to arrive.

This act goes against the contraction reflex. Like a sunflower turning to the light, it is the way the next step will be revealed.

Contraction squeezes out optionality. Expanding the field makes room for the miracle.

May 11th 2019

Photo taken May 11th, 2019