Expectations and Intention

Expectation is to look for a something with anticipation. When we expect we seek to bend the world to the shape and timeline we want.

When we hold an expectation we might not be aware we are holding it. We will only know if our expectation is foiled. 

Expectations clearly stated give the others involved in the expectation the opportunity to agree to the expectation or re-negotiate.

Imposing an expectation on another without agreement is a form of domination. “I expect you to know how I am feeling!” “I expect you to behave with integrity!”

To open the relational dialogue with the other people involved as to what we expect is to invite sovereign choice. This is a critical element of Syntropic World’s Trust Manifesto – setting the social architecture of agreement and choice.

Intention – literally to stretch out..to extend…is to see a future that is not yet formed. Intention has direction, but not a shape. Too often we get attached to the form of our intention – wanting it to look a certain way, to occur on our schedule. This is when we load an intention with expectation.

To hold a pure intention is to hold the direction and be open to the field of possibility, to how and when this intention will become. 

When we communicate our intention with clarity people can choose to join us in this intention. How we do this is where we negotiate expectations of each other and the task at hand. 

Photo taken November 10th 2021