Exquisitely unexplainable to our human mind

Why do all the whales head to warm water each year to calf?

And when the bees get to go on their honey-gathering business each day, do they ever argue that they are done with honey-gathering?

As the seagull eyes the perfect landing spot, dipping its right wing ever so slightly to circle down, what is motivating it?

There is something in nature that is intrinsic. Spontaneously arousable. More than animal reflex.

Murmuration points to this. Exquisitely unexplainable to our human mind.

We humans, so often lost in an intellectual frenzy of rationalism, might have forgotten to tune to the intrinsic flow of life that needs no coercion.

Those times we find ourselves fully engaged, and equally lost, in the creative process.

Effortless. Timeless.

We become the field.

July 29th 2018

Photo Taken July 29th 2018


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