When we lose our reflection in the faces of those around us, when the feedback light goes out, we have a felt sense of our own extinction.

We need the dance of relationship in order to feel the worth of our existence.

Humans, contrary to the neoliberal fairy tale, only function well in community. 

We need people. We need others. We need to be seen. To be touched. To be acknowledged. To play together. To lift each other up. To laugh together. To cry and grieve together.

Systems designed to isolate, separate, atomise, dehumanise, are our own methods of Soul extinction. As much an extinction machine as any other form of hideous creation designed to extract and exploit. Like meaningless work. Or debt/sex slavery. Or an education system that cheers for a minority, as if the majority are detritus.

Our Soul, the beautiful, always there, always steady essence of our existence, needs to dance, to flow, to love and be loved, together with others.

Never discount the value of a smile to a stranger. It might well be the small act that brings them back from extinction.

August 1st 2019

Photo taken August 1st, 2019