Faith in humanity

I believe most people are good. Often ignorant. Seduced by lack of education, free propaganda, and the power of masterful spell casters and gaslighters.

Then, placed into a context, call that the Superorganism, or Moloch, unseen, so intoxicating and addictive that most of us are trapped in the web completely unaware. A game of win as much as you can. Accumulate. Profit. Power. 

Where the supreme winners hold the reigns, and invest everything to maintain the status quo.

I do have faith in humanity. I look around the world at the ridiculous power plays; everything about them worse than you would see in an uncontrolled childrens playground. It is both horrifying and pathetic. Rare, rare, rare is it that you see political acts of integrity. In Australia, we have amazing independents, mostly women. Untethered to a party. I hope that in the next election, the independents hold the balance of power, breaking the back, finally, of the dinosauric two-party system. 

I do have faith in humanity. 

Love and Syntropy are the greater force. Monopolistic forces never can win, in the end. When everything is gone, everyone starves, even those with a gazillion dollars in the bank.

Most everyone at the grassroots wants the same. Dignity. Opportunity. Respect. The basics of survival cared for. Health, housing, education, care. 

We have enough to go around. Always have. 

It serves the current monopolistic political and corporate narrative to keep the equity of distribution unbalanced. To keep the poor poor and uneducated. Educated, financially viable citizens are a threat to the status quo. 

If we care about the future of Earth and all her creatures, then we, the grassroots, must find a way to change this. 

Vilifying people for skin colour, religion, sexuality, or the state of their bank account (if they have one) is childish. 

Holding liars, cheats, the mafia, murderers, gaslighters and criminals to account is what a mature civilisation does. 

Most people are good. Today, those who are corrupt and popular get away with being corrupt.

I return again to the place of change. Within me. 

To stand, every time, for the marginalised of every colour and creed. And to stand up against corruption, lies and gaslighting, from the Little Atrocities to the gobsmacking acts of deception. 

Photo Taken March 6th 2024