Falling from ten thousand feet

Sometimes it feels like that.

Not just taking a step into the unknown, but throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a future that calls with not an iota of certainty.

Wisdom tells us that no matter how much planning we have done, certainty is a fools game.

We must learn to fly in situ. To grow wings where, but seconds ago, none existed.

The field of integrity is a giant net. It is designed to catch us. We are meant to be held. The question is at what point does the net appear? Generally not when we want it, which is how we are reminded to stay humble.

Sometimes the falling is far, and feels forever. It becomes, if we can hold our nerve and love, a question of trust.

Falling ten thousand feet is the flight manual.

August 10th 2019

Photo taken August 10th, 2019