Fantastical is an amazing word

Fantastical – So strange or extreme that it does not seem to be true or reasonable. So says the Cambridge Dictionary.

We are making up new words all of the time. And sometimes they make it into renowned dictionaries.

New language and new words shape culture. Consider words like google, woke, snowflake, neoliberal, post, and tweet.

At Syntropic World we are unafraid of creating new words as our work seeks to change culture from humans as dominators, who care less about the cost to Earth, her creatures or our collective future, to people who ask how can we increase the well-being of 100% of life, without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone. 

Fantastical is an amazing word. When something is fantastical we must question it. 

Fantastical is the story of a free market economy. That hard work is what gets you ahead and wealthy. Or that monopolies make good business. 

Anything that seems too good to be true is fantastical. 

Photo Taken March 2nd 2023