Fear is necessary for growth

There is beauty in the child-like innocence of not knowing the consequences of our actions.

Not seeing the danger and therefore throwing ourselves all in.

Age and hard-learned experiences can bake fear into our depths, diminishing our courage to take risks.

Comfort and safety are seductive. 

My mentor, Buckminster Fuller, said, ‘Dare to be naive.’

Wisdom might have us choose the arenas in which fear is present – if we have the luxury and privilege to do so.

Too much comfort and safety has us collapse into a state of decay and decline.

Fear is necessary for growth. 

I choose to grow until I die, therefore I invite places for fear to be my teacher.

Stepping onto the biggest stage of my life, for example. Speaking truth to power. Refusing to stay silent even when the cost is high. Taking the drop on a wave. 

What fears are you willing to face, that faced will crack open the next level of your being, the one you desire?

Photo Taken December 20th 2015