Fear sells. We need to ask better questions

Australia just held an election. While more than 60% of our population believes the government should do more to act on climate change, the party filled with climate change deniers and a very insignificant policy on climate, was elected. The Prime Minister was the man who held a lump of coal up in parliament, asking people to not be afraid of it!

In a conversation with a small business owner it was mentioned that they were terrified their business would not survive wage rises if the party that lost was elected. The campaign, like all global political campaigns of our modern era, was run on fear and lies. 

In our age, lies are completely acceptable.

And fear sells.

But not the big fear of a world where over one million species will be extinct in the next decade. Or where whole nations will become climate refugees, escalating the global issues of immigration and refugees. Or where tropical diseases will run rampant and decimate millions. Or cyclones and fires will destroy whole communities in escalating numbers.

Fear about this week, tomorrow, how we will pay our bills, keep our business going.

We are asking the wrong questions. Our fear lives in a very small box, a box that has been well sold to us through a cultural story. 

This is the box. It works like this. You follow the rules of the box. Outside the box is not possible.

We can simply step out of the box.

Here is how.

With questions like…

  1. How can I run a healthy business, pay my staff wages commensurate with the rising cost of living (which is not happening in almost all countries in the world) and not suffer? 
  2. How do I design business and enterprise that do not extract, exploit, colonise and yet also thinks about a long term healthy future for all?
  3. Is it possible to raise the Common Wealth of all humans without costing the Earth?
  4. Why am I beholden to a monetary system that is a human construct and has scarcity built in by design? Is there another way that invites abundance? 

I understand that when a business owner is trapped in the grip of the immediate…” how do I meet payroll this week?” question, it is very hard to think at all, let alone to think about the bigger questions.

The change we want to see is not going to come from government, big business, think tanks with vested interests…it is going to come from the grassroots. 

People like us asking better questions, working together towards a better future for all.

Difficult indeed, asking no less than the best of us…but possible, and important.

Nelson Mandela knew this. Greta Thunberg knows this.

We need to be the change.

May 23rd 2019

Photo taken May 23rd, 2019