Fighting terrorism

Fighting terrorism with terrorism = more terrorism

Terror – so great as to overwhelm the mind. The quality of causing dread.

We are not so smart, us humans. We have had thousands of years to figure out that an eye for an eye justice only makes us blind. 

Here we go again, with another round of horror inflicted on others, with the innocent in the crosshairs. 

An atrocity does not justify an atrocity. The first atrocity is often seeded by the atrocity that came before, in either the near or more distant past. Or, to put it another way, atrocities all the way down on both sides. 

Sides, others, them, they. Point the finger. Lay blame. 

These types of cycles need to come to an end.

Can we not stop and look at the field, understand the pain everywhere, and consider a different path that starts with a commitment to preserving the sanctity of all life? 

Ah, but this would require deep understanding, the ability for compassion, and the willingness to forgive.

The path to forgiveness is the hardest path. Violence and terror are easy.

Here is the tragedy. 

Photo Taken October 28th  2023