Figuring it out on the fly

I rarely know how to do a thing in the creative cycle. I didn’t know how to create an event before I created one. Or build a web site before I created one. How to raise money. Work with government…

Or how to build a global community…before one emerged. 

I do know how to ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Be endlessly curious. Care deeply about humans who choose engagement. Show up consistently. Be reliable. Do what I say I will do. 

I spent thirty years trying to bring wonderful people together around a central purpose that they cared about and have it all fall into a messy human heap before I finally figured out how not to do this. Learning instead to create teams and a community of people able to bring their brilliance to the purpose, to work synergistically for that purpose and have minimal upset while being largely self managed. This the foundation of the Syntropic Trust Manifesto. (Download it here. It is the background tool of the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass.) 

At Syntropic World we call it learning to surf by surfing the wave. At the same time we consider the conditions, the precessional effects, the 100+ year consequences. 

It’s not a random slap stick approach. It is imbued with care, love, communion with, consideration for, deep trust and a very clear and compelling purpose/intention.

Living on the edge of emergence, figuring it out on the fly…this is to be alert and alive.

Photo taken February 24th 2021