Finding the consistent in the inconsistent is essential

Last week during my Saturday long run I tripped and seriously sprained my ankle. I have a personal policy when this happens, as a runner of nearly thirty years, to get up immediately, and walk, then if possible, run on the injured ankle.

When I do this my recovery is swift. 

I ran/walked the nine kilometres home.

Thursday, not even a week later, I was back running. Today everything was as normal.

Running is my meditation. My sanity. My diffusion time. 

Last week I was not sure if I would be back running for a while.

Today I am so grateful for being able to run. 

That outdoors and running is an option. 

The small things are always the biggest treasures when we lose them.

As someone who has lived on the edge of uncertainty for most of my adult life, a single parent, self employed, to have anchor points like a daily practice of running or swimming is how I tether. 

Finding the consistent in the inconsistent is essential.

Photo taken March 28th, 2020