Finding the humanity behind the chaos

If we humans are to create a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, we must be able to come together, across a table, with our differences and find common ground.

Human coordination, collaboration and co-creation are essential to our healthy future.

When we sit with our petty annoyances, holding fierce to our righteousness, and project judgment upon the other, the ways of war, separation, colonisation and division thrive.

Beneath the petty, beneath the diversity, can we find and focus on the humanity?

If we cannot do this, if we cannot hold a space for difference and diversity and thread the needle of humanity that is stronger than the superficial, then we are indeed lost.

To do this, we must focus on the humanity behind the chaos and the future we intend to create—always bigger than us, always bigger than our petty grievances about each other.

Photo Taken December 9th 2023