Finding the others

Often times our journey feels isolated. We rattle around in the cage of our head, thoughts like miniature ping pong balls bouncing in chaos.

Our entire inner conversation is subjective. We repeat the same stories and tell ourselves the same untruths. Our world is limited by the beliefs that line our interiors.

To speak out loud the words in our head. To write them down. In the moment of this action, we transform the subjective to the objective, and a perspective is created.

To find others who are holding a similar space for a world with a future as we, and to speak our thoughts and ideas into existence, is to immediately activate a path that synergises.

To be held up by others, those who know who we are, who see us, is to affirm our collective humanity.

Underneath the noise, the enculturation, our yearning is to be in community, to be with family, biological or not..

… to find the others. 

March 21st 2020

Photo taken March 12th 2019