Finding threads in dark times

Descending into the darkness of our Soul is an experience most humans cannot avoid.

Heartbreak, loss, despair, a sense of irrelevance and helplessness…

In the depths, there is only pain, confusion and the overwhelming sense that there is no way out. Blackness, stale air, constricted, trapped, lost…endless, endless…

The unrelenting intensity shepherds us towards the desire to numb in whatever way we can. The longing to fall into a deep dreamless sleep, where, for moments there is no-thing-ness..and therefore, no pain. We are in the belly of the whale, facing the Minotaur.

Seek for the threads that might guide you out. They will be hard to find because the story that is animating the blackness has squeezed out all optionality. Hopelessness has dominion.

Little things. The touch of sun on skin. The way an ant works. The majesty of a tree, an entire ecology in its own right. 

The way out is by refusing to live within for now. Refusing to be trapped in the endless inner conversation of our own manufacture. 

To drag our stories into the realm of the exterior, to get lost in care for another, or awe at nature’s brilliant design.

To be busy focused on something far bigger than our own now extremely small and smelly story.

Find the thread of a desire for something that allows a shard of light, a small and seemingly inconsequential light. 

Light begets lights. Light is not diminished by giving more of it to the world. Giving light is the ultimate antipode to darkness.

October 6th 2019