Watch the way water flows down a hill after the rain.

It comes to a rock, and instead of competing with the rock, it yields and flows around. In the process of the two different properties colliding…fluid water and hard rock… turbulence is created. Yet the rock stays in its agency, and the water continues to flow.

Over the arc of time, the water will wear away at the rock as it continues to flow.

I contemplate the flow state in the turbulence of life.

I contemplate the arc of time.

As a ultra distance runner I know that I can set a pace, hold it steady, and in the end, if the distance is far enough, pass almost everyone. The classic case of the tortoise and the hare. I trust my capacity for endurance as easily as I trust my next breath.

Life is not a competition, but the steady and enduring commitment to a path.

Integrity is the path I have chosen.

Seen in a moment it might look like turbulence and lack of progress. Over the arc of time, integrity will wear away at the edges of resistance.

The question I am contemplating this beautiful morn is where do I flow and were do I resist?


Photo taken 23rd January 2018


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