As a multi times per week swimmer of over two decades the feeling of moving smoothly through the water is an anchor point for the experience of flow. It is also a feeling that I adore. Even in the pool, there are some days flow is present, and others that feel like all arms and legs and thrashing. In truth where am I? Swimming, or spread across the Universe scattered in my attention, worrying over this and that?

Our human form was not designed to be water efficient. To experience flow as a swimmer asks that we elongate our body, stretching horizontally – becoming taller, more streamlined. To be constantly rotating side to side with the pull, so that we reduce the water pressure against our shoulders if we were to stay head-on.

There is a perfect point between relaxation and effort. A great swimmer glides, and even though they move fast, it appears they are not even trying. It is an effortless effort.

All of the activity happens underwater with the catch. The intuitive ability to gain maximum water behind our hands and arms as we pull through, to have the kick be the rudder, steadying.

We must know water. Work with water. Feel and be with water.

To love swimming is to love the ever-minute progression towards mastery. Constant recalibration. Present to the shift in and out of flow. Watching as the stroke breaks down when we try too hard.

To be in flow as a swimmer requires being one with swimming. To be fully present with body, water and movement.

Within the art of swimming can be found the school of flow. I love how life does this…gives us a playground of choices of practice and discovery.

September 3rd 2018

Photo taken July 28th 2017