Focus on livingry and Syntropy

Albert Einstein proclaimed that there are only two prime motivations for all human initiative. Fear and longing. Acquiring the costly technology for producing national-defence armaments alone is the politically assumed number-one mandate, a mandate based on national fear. Such a survivalist mentality inadvertently also produces life-supporting technology, but it takes a quarter of a century longer than it would if humanity first recognised the public longing to attain sustainable peace for all humanity and directly used that same high-technology production for livingry rather than for armaments.” R.Buckminster Fuller Cosmography 1992

Imagine a world where we spent our days focused on creating for the longing for peace and increased well-being for all humanity, where we spend our days designing for this, speaking to this. Where our technology was focused on livingry… Anything that is towards a higher order for Earth and all her creatures. 

This is Syntopic. 

We have a choice. Propagate fear, keep the pot of conspiracy stirred, stay angry at the old system, build for scarcity, enclosure, rights over responsibilities, privileged access, exploitation, extraction to extinction…

Or turn and spend our days creating for the more beautiful world we long to see.

May 19th 2020

Photo taken May 19th, 2020