Forgetting is convenient

We remember so as to honour those who sacrificed for us. Those courageous souls who stepped into the arena because to not do so was to declare their lives irrelevant.

We remember so we can realise once again that the course of humanity is led from the ground up. From people like us.

To complain is easy, but to act, to step up, is hard.

Stepping up is a daily decision. It is small acts repeated.

Calling out lies and failed promises. From ourselves and others.

We remember in the hope that we never repeat a mistake.

On this day the world remembers that we have failed to learn the futility of war. We learn that forgetting is convenient. That ignorance absolves responsibility.

Remember. Teach. Honour those who wrote our history with their sacrifice. Refuse the lure of ignorance and denial.

I hold you in my heart. Men, women, animals all, who committed themselves wholeheartedly to a world where all humans and Earths creatures have the choice of dignity, beauty, love and grace.

November 11th 2018

Photo taken November 11th 2018