To find strength that we didn’t know we had. 

Found in the tension between capitulation and intention.

To dig deep into our marrow and pull the unexpected resourcefulness from a place of non-existence.

Fortitude is a sure indication that the path we have chosen, or the role we said yes to, will be held against a tide of opposition and obstacles.

To know it is the path, the role.. to listen deeply to wisdom, to be open to flow, to hear and receive gifts when offered, is to become the steward around which fortitude might be required.

Stubbornness is not fortitude.To be stubborn is to shut down our willingness to deeply consider that we might be our impediment.

Fortitude comes with an open heart, stubbornness comes with a righteousness that squeezes out presence to miracles.

May 31st 2019

Photo taken May 31st, 2019