From business as usual to business for all-life flourishing

Business-as-usual = same, same. Innovation in business-as-usual is creating an iPhone, using the very business-as-usual platforms and thinking. In reality, there is no move towards a future supporting Earth’s increased wellbeing and all her creatures. Business-as-usual likes to pretend they are master innovators, but their innovation is designed to keep the wheels on the existing bus turning for more profit.

Business in transition – businesses that see a different future and are attempting to be the bridge between business-as-usual and what we call Syntropic Enterprises. These might include Bcorps, although some Bcorps are business-as-usual dressed in disguise. Business in transition is important work, the slow and steady path to change. Innovation here is to create the bridging pathways. This might include technologies such as blockchain. The danger is when innovation reaches into the business-as-usual tool kit and shrouds itself in the legal codes, governance and systems of the business-as-usual world. Often this happens inadvertently. We forget to see the water we swim in.

Business for a future that supports Earth and all her creatures. This is an entirely different way of thinking, being and operating. The organising principle is that anything we do in business, enterprise, community or government is for the increased wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone. This is the domain of Syntropic Enterprise. We start with a clean sheet of paper. How would we design enterprise, coordinate humans, consider and account for value, govern, lead, steward, and comprehensively consider the future? How do we ensure we are in deep and reverent partnership with Nature, Earth, our home planet? Innovation is seeded into everything. 

The shift from business as usual to business for all-life flourishing is not easy. The operating systems of business-as-usual are entrenched, held tightly by the monopolists.

I wonder if it is far easier to focus on Business for the future rather than business for transition. This is what we at Syntropic World have chosen as our path. 

Photo Taken July 10th 2023