From the fringe

From the fringe is where the momentum starts.

And then it takes time. Persistence. Consistency.

What was weird becomes normal.

What was seen as impossible, becomes possible.

If you are a fringe dweller and you have the skill of seeing around the corner of the future you will be one of the weird ones. The projects you seed might take years to move to centre, and when they do your fingerprints on them will be lost.

Your eyes and hands are working on another distant horizon and you are long gone.

Fringe dwellers need to find each other, champion each other, keep the edge edgy.

The pull to average is ever harder to resist.

To keep dynamism alive, to be in the dance of emergence, to love the place of the unknown, to embrace the mystery, this is life – alive and ageless.

It is the birthplace of the future.

February 1st 2019

Photo Taken February 1st, 2019