From weaponry to livingry

We must make it eminently feasible and practicable to provide a sustainable high standard of living for all of humanity. It must be a standard of living far more advanced, pleasing, and increasingly productive than any ever experienced or dreamed of by anyone in all history…This design science revolution would use the highest aeronautical and engineering facilities of the world and redirect them from weaponry to livingry production; all humanity would thereby have the option of becoming enduringly successful.” R.Buckminster Fuller

The question is why is this not the central question of our governments and leading institutions?

For many now is a time simply to handle surviving through the day. Feeding children. Finding shelter. Scratching for an ounce of dignity. Avoid being the target of brutality, inequality or random drone strikes.

Those of us who have some capacity, and the will, might turn to answer these questions through action towards their solution.

This is our focus at Syntropic World.

Photo taken July 11th, 2020