GDP growth is now a zero sum game

If we take a simple balance sheet, with negative on the left-hand column and positive on the right, and we make the transition between negative and positive zero…

Entropy is the left and Syntropy is the right. 

Zero is sustainability. To be sustainable. 

It is also the place to put what we have known as GDP growth. 

You might well ask, why here? Surely GDP growth should go in the right-hand column?

Once upon a long time ago, maybe. But no longer. GDP growth is the minimum requirement to keep our current economic-financial system alive. It does not add anything to the economy, it keeps it on life support.

Now, in this time of systems disruption, might be an excellent time to change up the game.

To name GDP growth and sustainability for what they are. Keeping us, our home planet, on life support.

Perhaps we might want to create a better world.

May 23rd 2020

Photo taken May 23rd, 2020