To create, to beget offspring. From the same root as generous.

Choose…to bring more…leave more…leave things better…than when you arrived.

If you have nothing physical to give, then give your light, which has an infinite supply.

Levity, grace, kindness. Or truthfulness of our condition. These are generative acts.

Be the antidote to consumption and scarcity.

Be comprehensively considerate in the design of human engagement. Rather than extract, exploit or diminish, we are generating more truth, goodness and beauty.

Is this not the world we desire? To bring our creativity and generatively to life in a way that leaves all better for the experience?

If this is the world we desire then we have to unlearn and deconstruct so much of what we assume to be the way things work.

May 4th 2019

Photo taken May 3rd, 2019