Geometry is the study of relationships

Our industrial and capitalistic models are based on machine thinking. Linear, predictable, logical, precise.

Yet life is rarely linear, predictable, logical or precise.

Biology is interconnected, interdependent, spiralling, auto-poetic, unpredictable.

Yet the substrate of biology includes maths, geometry and physics.

To believe that they are separate is to deny the law of gravity. 

We humans have taken math and physics, removed biology, warm data, and relational geometry, and created a machine world.

The ghost in the machine is the absence of life. 

There is a geometry to everything. Physics goes all the way up, down and through. Maths is the code of life. All interconnected. All interdependent. 

Our world is missing the biology of the machine, the transcontextual space that makes everything beautiful, awe-inspiring, and alive.

Geometry is the study of relationships.


Photo Taken March 14th 2024