To bear, carry, bring forth.

Gestation has a pulse, from the flutter of the moment of collision of its creative elements, becoming more resolute with an environment of nourishment, to a strong steady beat as it builds towards birth.

To be the steward of gestation, the mother/father as this creative force builds its own identity towards self sufficiency, is to be atuned to the magnificence of all creation.

There is a timing. Beyond self. As stewards we are merely the vessels of atunement.

“Merely” of course is an understatement, for to truly know the art of stewarding is to transcend our egoic desire to impose self on that which we have been gifted to birth.

In the world of business-as-usual, in our haste to ‘go fast and break things’ our attention to this art of stewardship is shattered by the competing noise of ‘success’ as a dollar value.

Or, at the exact moment of peak stress, when all seems impossible, an offer is made that will solve all of our immediate problems but sets the stage for our role as steward to be perverted towards another’s agenda.

Gestation is a commitment. All of nature has its own gestation rates. 

Whatever you are gestating, love it. Give it every possibility of being birthed in its fullness. Commune with it, atune to it. Trust its wisdom. Know that you are uniquely capable of bringing it to life.

April 23rd 2019

Photo taken April 23rd, 2019