Get the culture right

And the rest will take care of itself. 

This ephemeral thing, culture. It is not fixed in time and space, but forever morphing. 

It is the space between people, things and other creatures. It is a visual representation of the values held by those people. 

Look at the culture and see what the people of that culture stand for. 

Culture needs care and attention as a constant. This is both an inside-out focus, as it is an outside-in.

If you do not like the culture you are in, the simple act of changing yourself affects the culture itself. Grassroots people power changes culture. 

A good Steward Leader creates the architecture for a healthy culture, where the people keep the culture’s generator function going because it serves them all. 

This is an integral purpose behind Syntropic World Trust Manifesto. 

Photo taken October 15th 2022