Good people up to good

The models we have currently for business, enterprise, finance, money and investment are broken. They are designed to create more for less, to be win-lose, to extract, exploit, extinct.

Good people get tangled in the shiny web of these models. Often without questioning.

One day they wake up and find out that they have invested their life into something that has only produced more of the same thing they were hoping to escape from.

There is a growing tribe of people who are aware of the system and its allure. That seemingly inadvertently, by engaging in what appears to be business as usual, the unquestioned, unchallenged assumptions, they will end up being a part of the disease that makes it right for us to profit from the diminishment of our fellow humans and the exploitation of our planet.

Good people are up to good things – making new models that are designed from the place of deep consideration of how to ensure the world works for 100% of humanity without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone.

This is my tribe. We are growing in number. We have much to do. We will not always agree. It is important that we find each other, work together, and even when we do not agree, that we do not turn on each other.

June 29th 2018


Photo Taken June 29th 2018