Gratitude for place

To feel at home. The ease that comes with the exhale. Knowing the edges. Familiar faces. 

There is joy in this. After a year in our new location, I feel at home.

Adventure keeps us young. 

Stumbling around in uncertainty, figuring out which way, learning – these are necessary tools to combat a soft underbelly of entitlement. 

Adventure comes with travel, learning a new skill or setting up a Syntropic Enterprise, where the emergent dance is the way.

Home is the familiar. 

Today, as some of the world celebrates a holiday, I have gratitude for place. I am home. 

Wherever you are, and whatever this day holds for you, may you find peace.

And for the millions who are displaced from home, because humanity has yet to learn that we are all one, my heart breaks.

May 2024 be kinder to all of Earth’s creatures.

Photo Taken December 25th 2023