Growth to maturity is messy

Do you recall a time when you believed something with your whole heart, yet you look back at what you believed then and wonder how you possibly thought that was true?

Today you may believe something with your whole heart that you will consider with the same amazement at some future time.

Growing up is messy. It requires beliefs and worldviews to be dismantled. This is the role, if we allow it, of humility. 

“Oh! That was me,” you say to yourself as you hear someone sprouting a belief as if its truth was the centre of their existence.

Humility and compassion. “I know that place.”

The best type of growth is when we take what we have learned and synthesise it into the new. Leave behind what no longer serves, and transmute what can become more mature.

Growth without humility and compassion is not real growth. It is tinkering. 

Transformative growth brings us to our knees before it asks us to stand on feet carved from different material. 

Any stage of the journey is majestic. The lows and the highs. Do not dismiss the lows. The journey is underway. 

Photo taken December 29th 2022