Of the many great things that age brings us one of them is the ability to reflect on the path of our life.

When I was 17 years old I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. It was as if some new door had been opened. I was completely seduced. Remember this was back in the 70’s, when the goal of high achievers like me was simply to build empires, with little to zero regard to the cost to anything or anyone as a consequence.

To be moved from thinking Ayn Rand and her philosophy was the smartest gig in town, to being introduced to my main guy, Bucky Fuller, 10 years later.

How brilliant is the Universe to be conspiring that? For many years I was caught in the trap of wanting to be an empire builder. Isn’t this how society measured your worth? How much money and stuff and status you had?

Bucky challenged the world of Ayn Rand. He really pulled the rug out from under my diamond studded shoes. However, even today I still love Ayn’s independent confident women characters. (Yes, they may be ball breakers, and it has been a long while since I have read Ayn Rand, so I may still be under a spell of memory…but I do recall at the time I was inspired by these women who wrote their own rules and came out from behind the apron skirts. Those who know me well would not be surprised to hear this.)

I used to think Bucky’s writing about money, the economy, and his GRUNCH of Giants (Gross Universal Cash Heist) was a bit too conspiracy theory for me. “Bucky’s weakness” thought I.

After my many discussions with David Martin, and my life long quest to really understand at an embodied level the global financial system, and value, I returned to GRUNCH last week, for about the forth time. And having just read John Perkins, “Hoodwinked”, the message is the same. No, its not a conspiracy, but a system built on the insatiable desire for greed and power, at the cost of anything, by a small group of people.  The real cost, the poverty of most of the world. The loss of pristine environments. Endless debt. It is tragic.

Even more tragic is that highly educated people living in the Western world have no idea this has been going on. I am an example of exactly that tragedy. When I graduated from six years of University, and started working for myself, I did not even know that I was supposed to pay tax out of my earnings. My mother, the business woman, had to give me “the talk”. I was shocked, not because of my ignorance, but that in six years of attending University, no one even thought to mention this! Sure, I had subjects to learn about the science I was mastering in, but where was the practical class on how to manage a business and life and survive in the world? This little episode of uncovering ignorance was one of the keys that started my quest to know about how the system worked.

It is almost comic that the second key was my greed and hunger to build an empire. For it was through attending the “Money and You” program with Robert Kiyosaki back in 1986 that I was introduced to Bucky. The comedy is that I attended because I wanted to make more money. The precessional effect, (the Universe’s main effect) was that I was catapulted on a trajectory that insisted that part of my journey is to really ‘get’ what is going on with the system. While I am still in my student days, I am far less naive. (And by the way, I never did build an empire, or become insanely rich with dollars. But what I have become is ever more grateful for the most amazing life I have, and the richness I am surrounded with. And learning what is of true value. The things that matter most to me. My relationships, nature, beauty, music, life, dancing…the sun on my skin..priceless.)

In his usual inimitable way, Bucky said that the GRUNCH of giants and their very actions of raping and pillaging the worlds people and resources, has of course its own precessional effect. In other words, the side effect of their actions may be the very action that reveals all that is NOT true.

This will be a good thing. Painful maybe, as people realise  that their presumed “wealth” is not really of any value.

For example some things that are not true.. there are no solids. There is no up and down in Universe. Your house price doesn’t rise. (The value of your dollar goes down.) There is no “there” that things can be thrown away to. The real cosmic costs are always decreasing. Price increases are simply a part of the game and have no relation to value…..

I am offering here the tame version of Bucky’s writing. If you really want to rock your world, get a copy of GRUNCH and take your time to read it. I am mindful that by sharing some of his more provocative thoughts without the necessary context, the field effect on you, the reader, may not be desirable. It has taken me 20 years to start to really get that he was writing truth.

Am I a slow leaner? Maybe. More likely, it has taken 20 years for me to be willing to throw away all I have been told and start to look, see and check it out for myself.

What does this all mean in the long run? Well, back to precession. If the side effect of the economic hit men John Perkins writes about is that we come to our senses, finally, and wake up…this will be a good thing. I am not anti capitalism.

I am anti a small few being able to get away with robbery, murder, environmental disaster and thoughtlessness, so they can have more power and more stuff. It is not right that I live in luxury while others starve to death. How can that ever be right?

What does this mean for me? That I keep on my quest. To learn the truth, to live the truth, to support others in their truth. And to do so with passion and integrity, and to keep doing it, every day.

It is a joyous, sometimes scary, fabulous adventure, and like that box of chocolates, I am never sure what I am going to get. Whatever that is, it is always significant.

As someone wise observed, on more than one occasion, there are no small things.

There are no small things. No small actions. Its all a miracle. Amazing…this thing called life.