Habits worth keeping

Going to bed early enough to wake without an alarm so I witness the sunrise each day. Pausing to breath it in….to bow to the beauty, never the same, always impressive. Evokes reverence.

24 plus years of doing exercise first thing on waking, outside, by the ocean or in a forest, rain or shine. Health + Nature + Moving Meditation = Joy

Writing in my journal over the morning coffee…a practise going back decades.

Supporting the artisans of coffee and food. When love is folded into the buttery pastry of a croissant, and it is eaten with the love of its experience, joyously and without guilt, love is transmitted.

Choosing to imbue my cells, soul, being only with that which brings love, joy, vitality, beauty and goodness as an antidote to all that disturbs me in the world.


July 24th 2018

Photo Taken July 24th 2018