You know the feeling. A list a mile long and 5 minutes to complete everything on the list.

Or…so much to do and some actions are way out of your skills and comfort zone.

Head spinning, feet hardly touching ground. Heart racing. Blood pressure up. Not sleeping.

1. The first key to successfully navigating through overwhelm is to do exactly what feels wrong, and that is to STOP.

Yep. STOP!

2. Then take a few deep breaths. Pay attention to your feet. Can you feel your toes? Your fingers. Notice your surroundings. Take another deep breath. Stay stopped.

3. Find a pen and paper. Write down every single thing, no matter how small, that is causing calamity in your head. Don’t stop writing until it is all down on paper. You will know because your head will actually now feel clear and empty. Spacious. Your blood pressure may have dropped a few notches.

4. Now put your list into sequence. What is the most important item on the list. And then the next most important. Challenge if some things even need to be on the list. And discover if some of the things on your list will be eliminated by taking action on something else.

5. Get clear around time lines. Tell yourself the truth. This will take x amount of time. Be rigourous with this. Lying to yourself will only get you back into overwhelm.

6. If there is something on your list that you have no idea how to do, who will know? Who can help? Who can you delegate to? Who do you need to ask for help from? Add calling them to the list. And if that action is 4 steps down the list, quit worrying about it until you get four steps down. Between now and four steps down a whole world of things might have changed. To worry about the forth thing is a waste of energy, time and the ability to focus on thing one.

7. Then get to it. Start at one. Do it well. Then move to two. Right foot, left foot.

As things change adjust the list.

Spinning in overwhelm is wasted space/time/energy and effort. This formula works. Every time. No need to ever feel overwhelmed again. Unless of course you love the feeling of overwhelm and the adrenalin addiction that goes with it.

Stephen L Harlow via Compfight


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