Happy Birthday

One year ago it was another day. 

I wrote this….

On Surplus

..when we have extra, more than enough.

When we have more than enough of something, be that time, energy, money, love, things, knowledge…

Two years ago I wrote this…

Taking flight.

Today I long to…

Open wings I did not know I had, to soar high above the noise, the questions, the doubts, the insecurities.

To watch the smaller patterns fall away to a perspective more vast than I could anticipate.

To move above timelines, deadlines, past, present and future.

To ride the thermals. Forces that pick you up and carry you.

To be carried. The effort to arrive now given to the flow.

In the writing I have flown. I have seen. I have been carried.

In the reading, allow flight to take you.

This year on May 1st I have wings, my own and my loves. I am carried. I carry. I have more than enough of everything that matters.

Birthdays are days to honour creation. Life. Renewal. Beauty.

This day, Tony’s Birthday, we honour all of this and love. 

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my playmate, lover, partner, confidant…

May 1st 2020

Photo taken May 1st, 2020, Happy Birthday Tony etched in the sand by Dave