Happy Place

When we are lost in despair we have lost the brightness of the future, lost the possibility that has colour, texture and excitement. 

Everything appears dark and hopeless.

If we are to construct an illusion at any time in our lives, we might learn to do that when the darkness is deepest. 

Most likely the illusion will be closer to reality. Darkness almost always shifts to light. Hopelessness moves to hope. 

Paint pictures in your mind when the darkness grips. Imagine laughter, love, dancing…

Indeed, dance if possible. Dance out the darkness. Sing out the darkness. 

See the light, the dawn, the life that calls.

Notice the small things that indicate life and beauty. The sunrise, the busy work of ants, the taste of food made with love.

As I stand in my happy place I look back at the dark times that held me trapped in a terrifying embrace, I could not have imagined this moment. 

The tragedy is I didn’t even try to imagine it. I do know that witnessing the dawn every day – truly witnessing it – allowing beauty to work through me – formed the steady slow brick by brick path to this happy place.

Life – so glorious, so defiant – she persists against everything we humans do.

Photo taken April 29th 2022