Hard and uncomfortable

We know the deal. To build muscle or fitness, we must do the heavy lifting or push the red line of our fitness.

Why do we do this? 

We must want what the hard and uncomfortable will give us on the other side more than we dislike the short-term suffering of the hard and uncomfortable.

That thing that you are aiming for, the change you most want to make, the part of your life that seems to be on repeat endlessly…

…it will not change unless you embrace the hard and uncomfortable.

Face the hard and uncomfortable part of making the change, going for the goal, turning your life towards another path.

Name the hard and uncomfortable in advance. Know its texture, taste and how it will tempt you to revert to same same as before. The lure of the same old familiar patterns is strong…

By naming and facing the hard and uncomfortable in advance we might be better equipped to reach escape velocity when we arrive at its threshold.

Not easy…everyone would do it if it were easy…

The story of the life calling us must be bigger than the threshold of the hard and uncomfortable.

October 27th 2019

Photo taken October 27th, 2019, by Tony